Mark S. Gagne

Mark S. Gagne is an artist who once resided in the Greater Sudbury area, but now makes his home in Brighton, Ontario. He is trained in a number of different artistic mediums, but painting is his greatest passion.  Mixing his personal style with a child-like love for popular culture, paintings have exploded from his studio at a feverish pace. In 2017 he has embraced the subjects that truly fascinate him: Monsters, Mutants, and Weirdos. His imagination has been unleashed in countless new original pieces.

He has appeared at several conventions across Ontario including Fan Expo in Toronto in 2016. With a full slate of convention appearances booked for this year he’s excited to meet new artists and fans.

Drop by his booth for a huge selection of original pieces, prints and general conversation of all things nerdy. See more of Mark’s work on Facebook at

Client: Graphic Con Guest
Date: 2017