James Eddy
Professional Stuntman

James Eddy has been Professional Stunt Performer and member of ACTRA (The Alliance of Canadian, Television and Radio Artists) for over half a decade. His extensive resume includes work on hit television shows, and movies such as Orphan Black. Beauty and the Beast, Bon Cop Bad Cop 2, The Strain and Incorporated. James grew up In Sudbury, Ontario and trained at Sudbury School of Martial Arts, landing him as a competitive kick boxer with Team Canada, representing them at Worlds in Spain. James was also invited and competed on the Game Ninja Warrior in Japan. Training in gymnastics and rock climbing as well as his life long dedication to the martial arts has made him into one of Toronto’s full time Professional Stuntmen, with a long career and many projects ahead of him.

Client: Graphic Con Guest
Date: 2017