Don’t miss out on the big cosplay event of the day:
The Graphic Con Cosplay Contest!

Hosted by Eastlink and the wonderful gents from Talk Nerdy, come see talented cosplayers show off their skills in costume and props making or enter to become a competitor! Whether they come from the world of comics, books, movies, TV, anime or video games, this cosplay contest will put your favourite heroes in the spotlight. Our guest cosplayers will be on hand to judge the best and most creative of each division!

Come and encourage the talented competitors!

Time to strut your stuff!


Please read the following rules and guidelines carefully and select the division that best applies to you. Cosplay must already adhere to the conventions Event Cosplay Rules and Weapons Policy. Cosplayers may only compete in one division.

Competitors, ages 13 and up, will be given entry numbers and information sheets at check-in that include the time and locations of prejudging (Veteran Division) and pre-show staging. The Costume Contest will be limited to 40 competitors in total across all divisions and Veteran will be limited to 10 competitors, and determined on a first come, first served basis.


Preregistration (May 15th-June 5th):
Cosplayers may preregister themselves online for the competition prior to the event date. Please fill out the registration form online. 

Registration and Check-In (@11:00am-1:00pm):
On June 9th, Competition Registration will occur at 11am until 1pm, at the City of Greater Sudbury Public Library booth. It is required that preregistered competitors check-in to this table as well. Those not present at check-in will not be allowed to participate. Please note that there is a limited number of entries, and assigned on a first come, first serve basis. The Costume Contest will be limited to 40 competitors in total and Veteran will be limited to 10 competitors.

Prejudging (@2:00pm):
For Veteran Division only. You are requested to bring reference photos of your character, and of your costume construction progress. You will meet with a panel of judges. They will judge your costume based on a criteria of: construction, fit, handling of fabrics and materials, what was purchased and what was self made.

Competitor Staging (@4:30pm):
Contestants will be asked to arrive at the Green Room for staging/check-in prior to the Costume Contest..

On-Stage (@5:00pm):
Competitors will have 45 seconds to showcase on stage before the crowd. It is recommended that some time be spent presenting yourself to the judges for a brief inspection before exiting the stage. Competitors will be ask to remain around the stage area while deliberations occur and while awards are announced. You must be present to accept your award.

Competition Divisions:
Professional Cosplayers/Costumers are only permitted to enter in the Veteran Division. A professional cosplayer/props maker is someone who creates costumes/props for a living, working for themselves or for a company – such as being a seamstress or working for Cirque de Soleil.

Regular Division:
Costumes are 50-100% self-made.

You may enter as a group of two or more.

Experienced Division:
Costumes are 50-100% self-made. Anyone may enter the Experienced Division but should you win, you can not compete in lower levels at future Graphic Con Events.

You may enter as a group of two or more.

Veteran Division (Limit of 10 entries)
Costumes are 75-100% self-made and will be judged on workmanship. This division is recommended for seasoned cosplayers.
Anyone may enter the Veteran Division but should you win, you can not compete in lower levels at future Graphic Con Events.

You may enter as a group of two or more.

This division has a pre-judging element. You are requested to bring reference photos of your character, and of your
costume construction progress. You will meet with a panel of judges. They will judge your costume based on a
criteria of: construction, fit, handling of fabrics and materials, what was purchased and what was self made.

Please note, pre-judging will occur up to two hours before the contest takes place. Please arrive at the convention with
enough time to check in at the City of Greater Sudbury Public Libraries booth, and to attend the pre-judging before the main event. Please arrive early to ensure a enough time for judging.

Out of Competition Division (13+):
All costumes, from those that have been purchased, rented or self made, may enter this Division. Cosplayers may also choose this division should they wish to show off their works, but not be considered for any awards.

Groups of three or more people are encouraged to compete in this Division.

Any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact the Graphic Con Cosplay Coordinator, Chris Bisson

comic corps

ABOUT Canadian comic corps

The Canadian Comic Corps is a 100% volunteer supported organization that focuses on delivering comics, and smiles, to children and youth in hospital.  Our goal is pretty simple. We want to make it easy to help you to extend your love of comics to kids who could use a little extra support while they are in hospital. We do this by collecting donated comics from great people like you and then delivering those comics to kids in local hospitals with the help of some awesome superheroes.  We have been delivery comics, and smiles, to children in hospital since 2014.


Quest Giver Cosplays

ABOUT Quest Giver Cosplays

I’ve been cosplaying for 5 years now. I have won 2 masquerade awards and one hall award for my cosplays. My goal is to improve my craft till I can win in Masters. To me nothing will ever beat the excitement  I see on people’s faces when they see me dressed up as their favorite character.


Klingon Assault Group

ABOUT Klingon Assault Group

The Klingon Assault Group is the world’s oldest and largest group of Klingon cosplayers. Since launching in Timmins in 2015, the Imperial Vessel Crimson Dawn’s exploits have been felt the world over. From marching on City Hall and raising the flag of the Klingon Empire to partnering with celebrities and businesses for charity fundraisers, the Crimson Dawn have become one of the most prominent ships in Klingon fandom. This year the Timmins Klingons are joined by the newly launched Imperial Klingon Vessel Crimson Fox, which promises to bring the same brand of rowdy, Klingon community involvement to Sudbury. Any alien cosplayer is welcome to join, so long as they pledge allegiance to the Klingon Empire. Just no humans!

 As a Star Trek fan club, the Klingon Assault Group believes strongly in the principle of Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations. That’s why in honour of Pride Month, the 2 Klingon ships will be collecting donations on behalf of Rainbow Camp: A Northern Ontario based summer program for LGBTQ+ youth and their friends which honours creativity, individual choice, and social justice, while having fun.




O’sew custom was created out of the sheer love of cosplay and costume making. Minor sewing techniques were taught to me through family members but Ive gained most of my talent from within myself working tireless hours, hand sewing and even painting materials amoung other things. I strive to bring custom design clothing/costumes for people to wear and feel confident in. We create what you imagine by hand!


Ciry’Kurs Clan

About Ciry’Kurs Clan

Ciry’Kurs means Frozen Forest. Ciry’Kurs Clan became an official clan in the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club in January 2017. Since then, we have grown to 13 official members spread throughout Ontario and whenever members are able they attend conventions, events and fund raisers.





AngelicLuka is a cosplayer from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and she has been cosplaying since 2005 and started off by sewing things by hand and took a sewing class in school. AngelicLuka mostly sews costumes but she also styles wigs, makes jewellery, props, armor and other accessories. Cosplay is such a big part of her life and she is glad to have family and friends who support her. She looks forward to meeting everyone this year at Sudbury Graphic Con.




Dex Morgan is a cosplayer raised in the wilds of Northern Ontario who now resides in the National Capital Region. She loves movies and tea a little too much and cosplay even more. Always up for a late night crafting session with friends and always up to say hi at a con. With a focus on workmanship and construction, Dex has been fortunate enough to walk away with multiple awards at masquerades and has attained the level of ICG Master. She enjoys giving back to the community in both judging and giving panels and is always thrilled to chat construction. As long as there is fun and creativity to be found in cosplay, Dex will continue creating and pushing herself to work on new projects.




Lunasolis is a cosplay group made up of costume enthusiasts Cxptaingrayson and Yuukatan. (Formely known as Oi!Cosplay) After an inspiring encounter with the hobby several years ago Lunasolis decided to try their hand at cosplay, picking up the thread and putting their foot to the pedal. While creating costumes from anime, comic books and video games the hobby also helped them create a passion to make, fashion and construct the seemingly impossible, a will to always challenge themselves and bring their favourite characters to life. Cosplay has brought them on adventures and inspires them everyday. Through their work Lunasolis hopes to also inspire others and remind them that cosplay is for everyone.




Candy Cosplay is an advanced level cosplayer coming from her home town of Hamilton, Ontario. She has been cosplaying for just over 10 years and has some award winning cosplays. Candy is an Artist / Cosplayer that has taken her love of art and brought it into her cosplays.
You can visit her website here.

Want to Cosplay?

make sure to read the rules below

event cosplay rules
When putting together your costume, please be mindful that Graphic-Con is a family friendly event. Please use common sense, be considerate of other attendees and be aware of your surroundings.

Nudity is not permitted. Cover your body parts. “No costume” is not a costume. “Paint” is not a costume, either. No intentional or unintentional “wardrobe malfunctions” allowed. Please make sure your costume is sturdily constructed; this includes proper undergarments. If your costume is deemed to be too revealing or offensive, you will be asked to cover up or change.

Shoes or other footwear must be worn at all times, even if your cosplay character is normally barefoot. Protective footwear is highly recommended, but not required.

All military, law enforcement and other emergency service costumes should be easily distinguishable from official uniforms.

Hate symbols, even historical hate symbols like swastikas, will not be tolerated at Graphic-Con. Roller blades, roller-skates and skateboards will not be allowed at the convention.

weapon policy
No functional weapons are allowed at Graphic-Con. Simulated or costume weapons are allowed as a part of your costume. Guns must have orange tips.

All weapons must be easily distinguishable from real weapons and must be constructed from safe, lightweight material. Approved materials are: rubber, plastic, (PVC, worbla, etc.), foam, cardboard and paper-mache.

All prop firearms must be incapable of firing projectiles and have an orange cap on the barrel. Projectiles or any type of ammunition are forbidden. BB guns, paintball guns, dart guns, blow guns and water guns and their own accompanying ammunition will NOT be permitted.

Nerf guns are allowed, but ammunition of any kind (foam or otherwise) is prohibited. Nerf guns must pass weapons check.

Plastic air-soft guns are permitted with several requirements:
No ammunition or projectiles of any kind will be allowed. Air-soft guns must be rendered completely inoperable beforehand, that is the gun shall not have any batteries installed, nor gass/propellant in the chamber and the chamber must be filled with wax or similar material. All air-soft guns must have a clearly visible orange tip on the barrel. All air-soft guns will be marked by security at weapons check and have their triggers zip-tied to ensure that the gun is incapable of firing.

Metal weapons of any kind are forbidden, including hammers, scissors (including “safety scissors”), screwdrivers, saws, chains, nun-chucks, brass knuckles, shields, X-Men-style claws, handcuffs and the like. No “live steel” is allowed, such as metal swords, knifes or blades of any kind. If you have any of these types of weapons with your costume, please make sure they are made out of approved materials. 

Small, lightweight, metal objects like Sonic Screwdrivers, Lightsaber handles and umbrellas and wooden wands a la “Harry Potter” are allowed, but must not be used as functional weapons.

Costume bows are allowed, insomuch as they are so loosely strung that they cannot shoot projectiles of any kind. Prop arrows are permitted, as long as they are not sharply tipped, cannot be fired, are made of approved materials and cannot conceivably hurt anyone.

Costume swords/daggers made from approved materials are allowed, but may not have any sharp edges. Wooden swords are allowed, but must be tied to your costume in such a way that they cannot be drawn or unsheathed. If you wish to draw your sword to pose for a picture, it must be made of approved materials. Metal blades are not allowed, whether they are sheathed or not.

No wooden or aluminum/metal bats are permitted. This includes baseball bats, cricket bats, clubs, paddles, golf clubs and similar objects. Bats made from approved materials are allowed. Staffs (staves), similar to those found in Lord of the Rings, for instance, will be allowed, insomuch as they are used for walking and/or decoration, and not as a weapon. Wooden staffs are allowed, but must be lightweight and may not have any sharpened edges or tips. All staffs must be inspected by security.

Items such as bullwhips, ropes and lassos are allowed, but must remain rolled and secured at all times. These items will be subject to a weapons check.

Incendiary or flammable weapons are prohibited, including any items that are capable of igniting sparks or flames, burning, exploding or combusting.

Do not display your weapons or props in a threatening or menacing manner. (For instance, it’s ok to pose for a picture, but cosplayers should not brandish weapons while walking the event floor.)

Keep prop weapons in convention areas. If you leave the premises or go out into public for any reason, please put away any and all prop weaponry immediately.

Failure to willingly comply with Graphic-Con’s official cosplay rules and weapons policy may result in ejection from the convention and/or potential legal action, if necessary.

***All rules and regulations are subject to change. ***



(705)  673-1155 ext: 4758