sudbury arena / 10 AM, june 9th, 2018

our goal is to inspire, educate, and entertain the
creative, artistic and imaginative minds in
northern ontario.

Don’t miss out on the big cosplay event of the day:
The Graphic Con Cosplay Contest!

Hosted by Eastlink and the wonderful gents from Talk Nerdy, come see talented cosplayers show off their skills in costume and props making or enter to become a competitor! Whether they come from the world of comics, books, movies, TV, anime or video games, this cosplay contest will put your favourite heroes in the spotlight. Our guest cosplayers will be on hand to judge the best and most creative of each division!

Come and encourage the talented competitors!

Time to strut your stuff!


You gotta see this!


Look at this talent!


Graphic-Con is a non-profit event hosted annually by The Greater Sudbury Public Library and Launchpad Creative. The event aims to inspire fans of art, literacy, and history through graphic-novels, comic books, anime, and other cultural mediums. Other benefactors include tourism in the North, local economics and internal community perception.


Graphic-Con began in 2013 as a one-day event designed to promote reading through the celebration of graphic novels, comic books, film, and other media which have long been identified as effective means to promote literacy among “reluctant readers” and other demographics for whom reading represents a challenge. Promoting these forms of literature and film both helps legitimize these often ignored and trivialized media while also making the connection that Greater Sudbury Public Library supports these media through its collections and other services.

Since its inception the event has grown each year, attracting increasingly greater numbers of visitors, vendors, artists, and special guests. In 2016 Graphic-Con moved to the Sudbury Community Arena, a venue that allowed for a significant expansion of the event’s programming and a corresponding increase in participation.

The 2016 event also saw the establishment of key partnerships including Launchpad Creative who provided in-kind marketing and promotion support and Downtown Sudbury who provided key financial support. Attendance in 2016 nearly doubled that of the previous year, with artist and vendor participation also undergoing significant expansion. The success of the 2016 event led to the creation of a community advisory group to assist with planning and delivery for 2017. Community group members representing a diverse range of interests, backgrounds, and skill-sets provided input into the planning process, helping shape the continued evolution of the event. Community group members also provided critical hands-on assistance in the lead-up to the event and played key roles during the event itself. Given Greater Sudbury Public Library’s mandate to identify and support the needs of our community, the community advisory group’s involvement in the 2017 event has been invaluable.

Graphic-Con looks forward to working more with the Greater Sudbury Community in 2018 and moving forward. 


Batman has the Justice League, Iron Man has the Avengers, Thanos currently has the Infinity Gauntlet and Graphic Con has Launchpad Creative… Ok, maybe not that extreme but we thought that comparison would make them feel cool.

Greater Sudbury Public Library’s partner is Launchpad Creative. It is their 3rd year working with Graphic Con. The team has worked hard to help build the brand that was created by the team at GSPL. 

Superheroes by night, and creators by day.

Launchpad has worked diligently at providing visionary, interactive, marketing, and social aspects that make the Con enjoyable for any audiences, regardless of hobbies, interests, or preferred superhero.

You can visit Launchpad’s website here!


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