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June 10th, 2017

Herbie, the Love Bug is a 1982 American comedy series that aired on CBS from March 17 to April 14, 1982. It was produced by Walt Disney Productions and based on a series of films about Herbie, a white 1963 Volkswagen racing Beetle with a mind of its own.
The Herbie Car will make an appearance at Graphic Con 2017!

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Degrassi High followed the lives of a group of students attending the titular fictional school, who deal with controversial issues ranging from AIDS, abortion, abuse, alcoholism, cheating, sex, death and suicide, dating, depression, bullying, gay rights, homophobia, racism, the environment, drugs, and eating disorders.

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graphic con 2017 guests

James Eddy
Oi! Cosplay
Dani Taillefer
Mark S. Gagne

Graphic Con 2017

The most exciting slash nerdy slash villainous event in the Northern part of Ontario has returned with a vengeance. The Greater Sudbury Public Library and Launchpad Creative are excited slash terrified to bring you the 2017 version of Graphic Con. This years fan event will feature more comic book, sci-fi, cosplay, panel discussions and nerd related activities. The only issue is… this is the year of the villain. Tickets are available now.

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Graphic Con 2017

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